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Tower Modifications & Repair

Zoning hassles faced by new towers have made existing "vertical real estate" a lot more valuable. Owners of existing towers have developed new income streams by renting tower space to other users. Mounting additional antennas and coaxial cable on existing towers increases the windloading of the structure. Norman Tower Service can reinforce the existing tower to carry the additional load. Please contact Norman Tower Service about this opportunity.

Tower repair can be needed at any time. Norman Tower Service can re-lamp and repair obstruction lighting, replace guy wires, and re-paint when needed. FCC or FAA fines for improper tower marking and lighting are much greater than the cost of this work. The cost of the work (it's maintenance) is deductible; the fines are not.

A 3-inch hole 84-inches deep is core-drilled into the foundation of a tubular monopole to accommodate a heavy anchor rod.

High-strength epoxy grout is poured into the hole to hold the rod.

A prefabricated re-bar cage is lowered into the hole.

The heavy anchor rod is then placed into the foundation to reinforce the monotube.

The rod is attached to one of several channel reinforcing members.

The channels are then fastened to the existing monotube to reinforce it.

The completed reinforcement enables the monotube to carry additional antennas and coax.

These three self-supporting tower legs needed reinforcement to carry a heavier antenna load.

Each tower leg is actually a welded tower section. Norman Tower fabricated and installed these bolt-in reinforcements.

The reinforcement plates had to be bolted because welding to the existing structure was not feasible.

A Missouri DOT 4-lane highway project required building a new access road to this site.

One guy anchor of a guyed tower had to be relocated for the highway project. Norman Tower is drilling the 4-foot by 30-foot-deep hole for the new anchor.

The concrete is placed for a new tower guy anchor.

After the concrete has cured, new guy wires are installed, one-by-one, until the guy load is entirely transferred to the new anchor.

Norman Tower Service can fabricate, field-cut, and drill-to-fit needed tower modifications right on site.

The additional bracing can be fabricated and installed in one trip, without leaving the site.

Norman Tower Service reinforcement lets your tower carry additional antennas, increasing your tower capacity and rental income.

The bright galvanized crossmembers were bolted-on reinforcements installed by Norman Tower Service to increase the load capacity of this tower in Greenfield, Indiana.
Norman Tower Service re-guyed this tower for additional capacity.

Norman Tower Service performed field cutting and drilling to install this replacement diagonal on a tower in Blue Springs, Missouri.

Replacement diagonals (the shiny ones) installed on tower.

Norman Tower Service rigger finishes installation by spraying "cold galvanize" zinc coating to inhibit rust on new on-site fabrication.

Norman Tower Service removed these grout-filled PVC tubes from a tower in Washington, Indiana, which had been installed by another contractor as part of a previous modification project.

Here is a close-up of the grout-filled tubes before removal.

Norman Tower Service riggers carefully lowering the cut sections of grout-filled PVC tubes during removal. Norman Tower Service increased the load capacity of this tower in this project.

Norman Tower Service welds taller foundation gussets to the base of this monopole so it can support more antennas.

The finished, workmanlike installation of this stronger gusseting on this monopole in Sherman Park, Indianapolis, Indiana.


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